The practice of physiotherapy is based upon assessing, rebuilding and obtaining physical function.



Physiotherapy is used for multiple reasons.  We offer assessment and individual treatment for acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.  Treatments include:


-       Electrotherapy- including TENS, muscle stimulation (EMS)

-       Acupuncture

-       Interferential Current Therapy For reducing pain and swelling following an acute injury

-       Manual Traction -- for spinal problems

-       Mulligan Therapy -- mobilizations through movement

-       Athletic Taping -- for acute and chronic soft tissue injuries

-       Injury-specific exercises

-       Endurance conditioning

-       Heat and Ice

-       Spinal Stabilization programs and Spine School

-       Advanced Rehabilitation Programs/Training

-       Clinical practice provider for Dalhousie University

-       Workshops and seminars specified to your needs